Having played football professionally for 17 years, I'm taking my knowledge and using it to change my clients...

and its working!!!

Ifil Fit offers bespoke packages which include:

  • Free Consultations - We openly discuss your goals, habits and what needs to be done to achieve your goals

  • Private 121 sessions - Away from prying eyes, Ifil Fits studio gym has everything you need to achieve your goals without feeling conscious of others allowing you to focus on just you

  • Nutrition plans - We design a plan that is specfically tailored to you

  • Fitness tests - Helping us to see how far your coming along a monthly fitness test is what you have to look forward to

  • Measurements - Taken monthly we can analyse how close we are to achieving and decide how to push further  

  • Before and after photos - Your biggest indicator of change you get a picture of before and after to see the result of your hard work with Ifil Fit

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Phone No: 07947641970

E-Mail: Ifil_fit@hotmail.co.uk